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The registration number you receive will become your license number and the State will track all documentation sent to the State by this number and bar code.


This can only be done electronically. Identogo provides this service. You must have your registration number and bar code from step number 1, for them to send your prints to the State.


Once you have purchased the online LTC course access. You will need to study the modules for a minimum of 4 hours total.


Pass the online LTC course exam with a 70% or higher. You will have 3 chances to take the exam.


  • Bring your gun and 50 rounds of ammunition.
  • Buy standard target load for your test.
  • There are no longer restrictions on caliber of hand gun used to qualify. Use anything you like.
  • Required; Eye and Ear protection, hat.
  • Recommended; NON collared shirt, CLOSED shirt or no collared garment.


At conclusion of the class, you will receive two Affidavits (LTC 85-86) and Class Completion Form (LTC-101).